What is Safebrick?


Safebrick for everyone Intelligent Drive Assist that let you drive with Smart driver alerts, HD Live traffic and Road sign information without taking your eye of the road. Assisting you whenever assistance is needed transforming traffic into places of well-being.

Over 30 services available. For now.


Get unmatched traffic information with an accuracy anywhere feels like home. Safebrick

continually is updated with new features, services and skills,

to keep your driving experience at its greatest.

"Be aware.

 Speed limit 60."

Thinks before it speaks.


When Safebrick has something to say, it speaks to you with its pulsing colour ring and with a friendly human voice so you don't have to guess what it's trying to tell.

What to see and hear

No-compromise attention to detail.


Every Safebrick is carefully designed with custom-built components and proprietary software for an appearance that fits your car and journeys.

20 years of innovation

Designed to connect.


Enhance your driving experience from the very first minute.

With the Safebrick App you can

tailor your Safebrick to only be what and how you like it to be.

Introducing Safebrick.

Intelligent Drive Assist.


Available soon.

Get notified when the product becomes available.


Sign up now - and get an early bird discount.

Free delivery, Free 30-Day return, Unlimited support

  • Avoid speeding tickets with warnings for Speed limit info and upcoming Speed Cameras.
  • Outsmart traffic and save time with HD Live traffic, Road sign Information and Park & Pay.1
  • Real Voice & Light Navigation serves a surprisingly accurate feed of information turn by turn.
  • Enjoy its all automatic and use the Safebrick app to personalize it to your needs.
  • Worldwide coverage. Click here to see complete list.
  • Seamless all-black colour with smooth matte finish, for an appearance that fits in any car.

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