True Live Traffic

Unparalleled accuracy and innovation


By serving personalized timely information when need. Safebrick enabling drivers around the world making better driving decisions, cutting down traveling time and saving them on gas, fines and penalty points. And ultimately, enhanced the driver, their vehicles and other road users safety.


To create a live depiction of the road environment we monitorize traffic in Real-time by collecting billions of data points everyday generated by variety of source cross the global.


Ones collected the data is processed through our True Live Map engine and send straight to the Safebrick driver with a unmatched accurate traffic information.

How do we do this?


To ensure our maps is constantly updated with the fresh data we partnering up with industry leading data providers. We obtain fully anonymous traffic information from on-board vehicle sensors and in-car navigation systems.


But we don’t stop here. To enrich the level of accuracy and being even more precise we also collecting data from, market leading community-based traffic and navigation app, police and road service information updates, local governmental information and other sources in real-time location services that play a key role in transportation today.

Building tomorrow’s driving experience


We are doing so in more than 130 countries and when a full real-time coverage in more than 60 countries.

Billions of data points everyday


Our collaborative approach keeps the True Live Map's data numbers growing everyday. Allowing us to make such substantial enhancements for the Safebrick driving experience and making your road safer.

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We respect your privacy


The car is a private space and we have a very clear position at Safebrick – the data from Safebrick belongs to you,. For this reason Safebrick is account-free meaning you data is fully anonymous.

One app. Complete drive control


Our software updates ensure that the Safebrick you bought yesterday will be even better tomorrow. Get latest update to keep your app and system at its greatest.

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Intelligent Drive Assist.


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  • Avoid speeding tickets with warnings for Speed limit info and upcoming Speed Cameras.
  • Outsmart traffic and save time with HD Live traffic, Road sign Information and Park & Pay.1
  • Real Voice & Light Navigation serves a surprisingly accurate feed of information turn by turn.
  • Enjoy its all automatic and use the Safebrick app to personalize it to your needs.
  • Worldwide coverage. Click here to see complete list.
  • Seamless all-black colour with smooth matte finish, for an appearance that fits in any car.

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