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    How can I contact your Team?


    You can send us a message directly on Indiegogo or contact us at support@Safebrick.com for further enquiries.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    Warranty policy

     1 year warranty policy after you received your product.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    Which shipping company do we use to send perks?


    At the moment, we will use DHL to ship all the packages. It will only take 2-3 business days to arrive.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    How many countries does the watch can be shipped to?


    We will ship our product worldwide, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, Peru, Ecuador, Macedonia, Kosovo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, North Korea, Syria, and Yemen. Please note that we cannot ship to military locations.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


     Can my backed product be shipped to different addresses?


    All orders on the same account will be shipped to a single address. To send to multiple addresses, multiple orders (under different accounts) are needed. You can save money by sending them to one shipping location. If you wish to do this with multiple orders, please contact us.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    What happens if I change my address before you ship?


    Before we ship your order, you can change the shipping address at any time.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    How can I cancel the order ?


    Your right to withdraw the purchase.


    General Legal Terms

    Safebrick may change these Terms of Sale at any time by posting revised terms on the Safebrick FAQ Indiegogo site. However, such changes will not affect the terms applicable to sales that were concluded prior to the date the revised Terms of Sale were posted. If any part of these Terms of Sale are for any reason unenforceable, that shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Sale.These Terms of Sale are subject to the law of the country where you live.


    • If you cancel your Indiegogo contribution more than 10 days after it was made, we will assess an administration fee of 25% of your pledge and shall refund the remainder.
    • If you then request a refund during production of a custom order. All parts are bought, the factories manned, the costs expended and our country taxes paid. For this reason we will refund you 66% of the remaining amount on your Indiegogo campaign contribution exclusive Indiegogo Platform Fees, Indiegogo Processing Fees, Transfer fee, VAT amount are pay by us. Be aware if you choose Credit/ Debit Card to crediting your account an estimate Bank Delivery Fees $25 per disbursement. Your bank may charge additional wire and/ or currency conversion fees.
    • Please note that incorrect or missing information listed in the return instructions will be subject to additional processing time and will delay crediting your account.
    • Refunds are made in the confirmed payment method or Paypal.


    If you are a company, you represent that your VAT registration number and all other information provided by you is true, accurate and up-to-date and you will immediately update any such information held by Safebrick in the event of any change. We reserve the right to charge you any applicable unbilled VAT if you provide a VAT registration number that is determined to be invalid, not in accordance with your business details, or that the tax authorities have deemed not to be related to the account holder.



    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    Will there be any handling fees and customs charges?


    The backer is responsible for these costs. Duties/VAT/GTS is to be paid before we can deliver your Safebrick. We will send payment links, invoice overview and ask for a final delivery address confirmation before we ship your Safebrick.


    You are responsible for determining whether its legal to import, deliver, and operate the Safebrick at your location.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    Can I claim multiple perks?


    Each backer can only place one order. If you would like more than one unit, we suggest selecting the multi-unit pledge. An alternative is to place another order from a different account, and send to the same shipping location. You can let us know your two orders, we can refund one of the shipping costs.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    How do I claim a perk?


    Review the list of perks on the right-hand side of the campaign page. When you see a particular perk that you're interested in, click to select the perk and proceed with the checkout process.

    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018


    General question?


    Does it work in my car?

    Yes, Safebrick works in all regular car types, across models and age.


    Is it legal?

    Yes, it is 100% legal. We only help you to comply with speeding limits and other road information.


    How does it work?

    Safebrick connects by Bluetooth with the Safebrick App and our advanced mapping algorithm’s provides real-time information while driving.


    What kind of sensors are you using?

    Safebrick uses a combination of GPS, Cellular, BLTE and accelerometers for communication and battery optimization.


    What phones do Safebrick support?

    Safebrick supports iOS and Android devices.


    Can I have other Bluetooth devices running?

    Yes, you can have more devices running including smart watch and in-vehicle technologies.


    What is the battery life?

    The standard battery life time is up to 2 years. Safebrick will send out low on battery warning signals before running out.


    Where is it manufactured?

    Safebrick is designed and engineered in Denmark and manufactured in China.


    WARNING: The driver is always responsible for the vehicle safety and maintaining a suitable speed.


    Last updated: Tue, September 17 2018

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