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The Intelligent Drive Assist

For smarter driving

Introducing Safebrick.

Intelligent Drive Assist.


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  • Avoid speeding tickets with warnings for Speed limit info and upcoming Speed Cameras.
  • Outsmart traffic and save time with HD Live traffic, Road sign Information and Park & Pay.1
  • Real Voice & Light Navigation serves a surprisingly accurate feed of information turn by turn.
  • Enjoy its all automatic and use the Safebrick app to personalize it to your needs.
  • Worldwide coverage. Click here to see complete list.
  • Seamless all-black colour with smooth matte finish, for an appearance that fits in any car.

It's never been easier to stay ahead, save time and avoid tickets in traffic.

Small but mighty


Safebrick's compact and versatile design makes it great for everyone, every car, anywhere.

All wireless


Automatically activates. Requires no charging cable and without any confusing buttons - simple place in your car and drive it.

Know your surroundings


Get assistance when needed. Safebrick serves the best-in-class situation-based accuracy. Always ready to help.

Forward thinking features


Served with a confidence that will change the way you see the road ahead from your very first drive.

Road Sign Information


 In case you missed it. Safebrick detects and provides road sign such as School zones, One-way street and Sharp Curves.

Smart Notifications


Making your everyday life a little less complicated with Smartphone reminder, Daily updates and Park & Pay service.

Speed Warnings


Safebrick warns you if the applicable speed limit is exceeded. Can be customized to meet your driving needs.

HD Live traffic info


Know more than meets the eye. With timely information so you're prepared for unexpected events ahead.

Safety Camera alerts


Enjoy your driving with alerts for upcoming Speed & Safety Cameras.

For  Safebrick Lifetime free use.

Voice-active Navigation


Using its pulsing color ring and a friendly human voice so you don't have to guess what it's trying to tell.

Superior performance


Get access to more then 30 services and over 500 billions pre-loaded data points.

Welcome to

your personal drive


It works effortless with a smartphone.

Manage everything in one place. You control when and how you want Safebrick to respond.


Learn more about the Safebrick app

No just an alarm


More features and user friendly. Safebrick helps you before, during and after something is up.


Get to know Safebrick

Getting started is easy

1. Download the Safebrick App

2. Follow setup instructions in the

Safebrick App

3. Place it in your car

Better over time

As Safebrick is continually updating with new features, services and skills, so your drive will keep getting better and better.

 Available soon. Sign up to get notified when the product becomes available.


Dimensions W x H x D:
98 x 98 x 16 mm. (3.86 x 3.86 x  0.63) in.
70 g. (0.15Ibs)
Double–molded warm polymer in a matte Black silk finch.
Battery life 3
Up to 2 years.
Design features
High performance 3M adhesive pads, Safebrick Advance Light Guide, Build-in speaker, Single button control, Replaceable batteries, Magnetic closing battery compartment.
Safebrick App
Free to download from
Apple Store and Android Market.
Safebrick Voice languages
Type of notifications, Alert sensibility level, Alert type, Voice and tone adjust, Sound and brightness level, Unit km/ Miles.
Operating system requirements
iOS 8 or later / Android 4.1 or later
Features & Real-time Services
Road sign information
Speed limit, School zones, Speed & Safety Cams,
One-way street, Railroad Crossings, Animal Crossings and Sharp Curves.
Driver Alert Control
Speed Limit info, Speed & Safety Cams,
One-way Street , School Zones
Live traffic condition
Accident Ahead, Road Work, Icy, wet, or slippery roads, Road Closures.
Speed Cams Alert
Fixed cameras, Variable cameras, Average speed cameras, Temporary cameras / roadwork sites and Mobile camera sites.
Smart Connect
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Automatic Start-stop, Smartphone auto-connect, Power on - self-test, Home/leaving home function, Smartphone reminder, Night Time Activation.
What’s included
Safebrick Intelligent Drive Assist, replaceable batteries, Quick start Guide, Users Guide, and Legal/Warranty information.
Safebrick Quick start Guide languages
English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português – BR, Dansk, Svenska, Norsk.


Safebrick Connect Valet alert and Park and Pay is coming later this year.

2. Speed Camera warnings are not available in all regions. Click here to see complete list.

3. Battery life varies by use and configuration.

Requires (not included): Android or iOS mobile device, internet access.

WARNING: The driver is always responsible for the vehicle safety and maintaining a suitable speed.

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